Saturday December 04, 2021
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Friday, December 03, 2021
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Friday, December 3, 2021
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay!
  Michigan shooting: suspect's parents missing after pair charged with manslaughter
  Prosecutor details disturbing warning signs and events that led up to the Oxford High School shooting
  LIVE UPDATES: The search for the Michigan school shooting suspect's parents
  Michigan school shooting suspect's parents charged, missing ahead of court appearance
  [Video] - Sheriff Tells CNN Michigan School Shooter's Parents Are 'Missing,' Public Warned Not to Approach
  [Video] - 'Ethan, Don't Do It': Mother Texted Son During Michigan School Shooting, According to Prosecutor
  5 key takeaways from Alec Baldwin's exclusive interview with George Stephanopoulos
  [Video] - Alec Baldwin Slams Trump for 'Surreal' Remark Implying Fatal Rust Shooting Was Deliberate
  Plumber finds cash, checks behind loose toilet in wall at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church
  [Photo] - Mike Pompeo Breaks The Internet With Dramatic Weight Loss, Former Secretary Of State Looks Unrecognizable In TV Transformation
  Biden signs bill averting government shutdown
  Epstein Visited Clinton White House 17 Times
  DCCC blasted from all sides over tweet praising Biden for lowering gas prices 2 cents
  Alleged Tucker Carlson Email Thanking Hunter Biden For Helping His Son Leaked: 'I Can't Thank You Enough'
Thursday, December 2, 2021
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay!
  [Video] - Alec Baldwin Says He did not Pull the Trigger
  [Video] - Attorney for Rust Assistant Director Backs Up Alec Baldwin; Claims Actor Didn't Pull Trigger on the Gun From Fatal Shooting
  Alec Baldwin's claim he didn't pull trigger on 'Rust' questioned by sheriff: 'Guns don't just go off'
  Rust shooting: head of lighting sues Alec Baldwin and others
  [Video] - Mark Meadows Bashes His Own Book Coverage After Trump Rips Covid Test Story: 'The President's Right, It's Fake News'
  A timeline of Trump's public events between his previously undisclosed positive COVID test on September 26 and his hospitalization on October 2
  Omicron variant of COVID-19 found in Colorado; woman recently returned from southern Africa
  [Video] - WATCH: Trump Lied When He Blamed Gold Star Families For Giving Him Covid (He Already Tested Positive)
  POLITICO Playbook: Buzz grows about Buttigieg 2024
  Harris, Buttigieg play nice in NC as rivalry rumors swirl, staff departures
  [Video] - 'That Makes No Sense': Mitch McConnell Shoots Down Call to Shut Down Government Over Vax Mandate
  [Video] - 'Double Standard': Kathy Griffin, Who Was Canned By CNN, Calls Out Network for Keeping Jeffrey Toobin Despite Masturbation Scandal
  [Video] - Biden Tells Story of Liaison Meeting with Golda Meir During Six-Day War - Except She Wasn't Prime Minister Then and He Was In Law School
  Jussie Smollett's defense argues prosecution star witness is a disgruntled ex-lover
  Marcus Lamb, head of televangelist network that spreads COVID misinformation, dies of COVID-19
  LULULEMON Trackers On Clothing Lead to the Goods in $15K Heist!
  [Video] - Tucker Carlson Gushes Over Conspiracist Alex Jones: 'Better Journalist' Than NBC and CBS Reporters
  Tucker Carlson ridiculed for calling Alex Jones a reliable journalist and 'guide to reality'
  Smollett's Defense Team Accuses Seething Judge of 'Snarling,' 'Lunging' at Them
Wednesday, December 1, 2021
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay!
  First U.S. case of omicron variant is found in California
  White House Plans to Tighten Travel Rules Over Omicron Threat
  Supreme Court appears likely to roll back abortion rights
  Abortions could require 200-mile trips if Roe is overturned
  What abortion access would look like if Roe v. Wade is overturned
  Mace fires back at Greene: 'Bat---- crazy'
  Marjorie Taylor Greene and Nancy Mace Throw Down in Brutal Twitter Feud Over Boebert's Racist Comments
  Trump tested positive for coronavirus before first debate with Biden, three former aides say
  Trump tested positive for Covid few days before Biden debate, chief of staff says in new book
  Trump Insists He Did NOT Have Covid-19 During Biden Debate Despite Hospitalization Three Days Later
  Trump told Sean Hannity he was still waiting on his COVID-19 test, when in fact he already had a positive result
  2020: Trump furious at Meadows for contradicting doctor: reports
  Report: Matt Gaetz is Screwed
  Businessman pleads guilty in $25M extortion attempt of Matt Gaetz's father
  CNN Suspends Chris Cuomo Indefinitely
  [Audio] - 'It Hurts to Even Say It': Chris Cuomo Addresses His Suspension From CNN on Radio Show
  [Video] - CNN's Brian Stelter: Chris Cuomo Could Be BACK on Air By January
  [Video] - Alec Baldwin exclusive: 'The trigger wasn't pulled. I didn't pull the trigger'
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