Sunday May 29, 2022
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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Friday, May 27, 2022
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay!
  Top Texas cop admits cops botched Uvalde school response: 'Wrong decision, period'
  Uvalde Police Prevented Border Patrol From Entering School to Stop Gunman For Almost an Hour - Report
  [Video] - 'It was the wrong decision.' Officers didn't enter Uvalde classroom as kids kept calling 911
  [Video] - No immediate efforts made to immediately neutralize shooter
  How police response to school shootings in Colorado changed after Columbine
  Revised Timeline: Uvalde Shooting
  She smeared blood on herself and played dead: 11-year-old reveals chilling details of the massacre
  'Please send the police now': Uvalde student called 911 multiple times during shooting
  Pol backtracks on claim Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos was arrested for previous threat
  [Video] - Gov. Abbott says he's 'livid' about inaccurate information given to him by Uvalde police
  [Video] - Texas School Shooter's Mother Pleads For People to 'Not Judge Him': 'He Had His Reasons'
  Don McLean, Lee Greenwood, T. Graham Brown, withdraw their NRA performances after Texas shooting
  Texas Gov. Abbott, Lt. Gov. Patrick, others not appearing at NRA annual meeting
  [Video] - Lee Greenwood Repudiates NRA Convention, Won't Be Seen 'Endorsing' Weapon That 'Killed Kids'
Thursday, May 26, 2022
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay!
  Texas gunman wasn't confronted by anyone before entering Robb Elementary School, police say
  Gunman entered Uvalde elementary school unobstructed and started shooting, officials say
  2021: Judge: Marjorie Stoneman Douglas School officer who hid during Parkland shooting facing charges
  [Video] - Fourth Grader Recounts Surviving Texas Shooting, Classmate Shot: 'It's Time to Die'
  Husband of Teacher Killed In Uvalde School Shooting Suffers Fatal Heart Attack: He 'Passed Away Due to Grief"
  Mother of Texas gunman says son was 'not a monster,' could be 'aggressive
  Timeline is sketchy
  Police response questioned
  Exclusive: McConnell says he has directed Cornyn to engage with Democrats on a 'bipartisan solution' on gun violence
  [Video] - Uvalde Presser Goes Off Rails as Reporters Demand Answers on Police Response: 'Why Don't You Clear Up' All The 'Bad Info'?
  [Photo] - SEE IT: Picture shows bullet wound on Uvalde hero Border Patrol agent's head
  Police change their story on how Uvalde shooter entered school
  How red flag gun control laws work
  Teen Texas elementary school shooter was able to buy AR-15 because Lone Star state is one of 44 states where 18-year-olds legally buy a rifle: Six states have raised age to 21 including Florida after Parkland shooting
  [Video] - Ray Liotta in "Goodfellas"
  Ray Liotta Dead at 67
  Trump will keep 'longtime commitment' to Texas NRA event despite school shooting
  Guns are banned during Trump's upcoming speech at the NRA conference
  [Video] - Texas Police Spox on Live TV Confirmed Cops Went In for Their Own Kids During Uvalde Shooting
  "Goodfellas" - "Layla" piano interlude scene
Wednesday, May 25, 2022
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay!
  [Video] - Chaos Erupts After Beto O'Rourke Crashes Texas School Shooting Presser, Yells at Abbott: 'You're Doing Nothing!'
  Abbott +6.7
  Hero border agent from elite unit rushed into Texas school with no backup, killed Salvador Ramos: reports
  [Video] - Beto O'Rourke speaks after interrupting Gov. Abbott's news conference
  The families of those involved in the Texas school shooting were asked to give DNA swabs to help identify victims: report
  Texas gunman warned online he was going to shoot up school
  [Photos] - Teacher, 44, who was killed in Texas school massacre: Her cop husband held active shooter drill at nearby high school two months ago
  Texas shooter Salvador Ramos shared 3 chilling Facebook posts warning of attacks minutes before killing 21 at school
  Brian Kemp's Quiet Campaign to Make Donald Trump Irrelevant
  Facebook rejects Abbott allegation about Texas shooter's posts
  Winners and losers from Tuesday's primaries
  Raffensperger beats Hice
  Kemp beats Perdue
  Chris Christie Lauds Kemp Win, Praises Georgia GOP For Not Being 'Willing Participants in the DJT Vendetta Tour'
  Oz wins Republican US Senate nomination in Pennsylvania by 902 votes. Recount coming
  Mike Pompeo calls Senate wannabe Dr. Oz potential security threat over Turkey ties
  Trump Reportedly Complained About Pence Being Taken to Safety on Jan. 6 and Suggested He Really Should Be Hanged
  [Video] - Biden says 2nd Amendment is 'not absolute'
  [Video] - Biden says "the Second Amendment is not absolute" after Texas mass shooting
  [Video] - Texas school shooting suspect's grandfather speaks out
  Florida State Rep. Threatens Biden on Gun Control: 'Try to Take Our Guns and You'll Learn Why the Second Amendment Was Written'
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