Saturday February 04, 2023
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Friday, February 03, 2023
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Friday, February 3, 2023
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay
  [Video] - Pentagon briefing with Brigadier General Pat Ryder amid 'spy balloon' controversy
  Balloon boy hoax - Wikipedia
  Chinese balloon flying over US 'intentional,' not weather craft that blew off course, US official says
  "One Second After" - 2009 novel by American writer William R. Forstchen
  [Video] - GOP House Oversight Chairman Wildly Speculates Chinese Spy Balloon May Have 'Bioweapons' in It: Did it 'Take Off From Wuhan?'
  [Video] - Mark Esper Declares On CNN He'd Shoot Down Chinese Balloon Over Montana, Shocked By Biden's Tolerance of 'Brazen Act'
  'What is that?': Locals, politicians react to Chinese spy balloon spotted around Kansas, Missouri
  Blinken scraps Beijing trip
  Biden Aims to Deter China With Greater U.S. Military Presence in Philippines
  Hainan Island incident
  China says balloon over U.S. is civilian vessel blown off course
  Don Jr Calls For Montanans to Shoot Down Chinese Spy Balloon (They Can't. It's Too High)
  The Chinese Spy Balloon Might Be Plotting Our Demise But At Least We Have Memes
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Thursday, February 2, 2023
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay
  Ilhan Omar gets the boot: House votes her off Foreign Affairs Committee as Democrats cite 'racism'
  New tactic: Hunter Biden is the 'laptop from hell' victim
  TURLEY: Hunter Biden's legal threats have no merit - and raise serious constitutional and political questions
  McCARTHY: Hunter Biden's ridiculous legal letter trying to distract from real scandal - Joe Biden
  NBC NEWS: Hunter Biden asks for criminal probe into Trump allies for 'theft' of data from laptop
  [Video] - Trump Takes Swipe At Nikki Haley's 'Honor,' Shares Video of Her Saying She Wouldn't Run Against Him
  [Video] - Trump Refuses to Commit to Backing the Republican Nominee in 2024
  House Republicans vote to remove Omar from Foreign Affairs panel
  Ilhan Omar's long history of controversial statements
  [Video] - 2019: Omar: "Some people did something."
  [Video] - MTG conspiracy-peddling over the years
  [Video] - 9/11/19: Son of 9/11 victim criticizes Rep. Ilhan Omar and 'the Squad' during speech at Ground Zero
  North Korea Warns of 'Overwhelming Nuclear Force' to Counter US
  Vladimir Putin's nuclear 'tsunami' torpedoes could 'plunge Britain into depths of sea'
  Russia warns United States: the end of nuclear arms control may be nigh
  Russia planning major offensive to mark first anniversary of war: Ukraine defence minister
  China urges McCarthy not to visit Taiwan
  Air Force Says Proposed Chinese-Owned Mill in North Dakota Is 'Significant Threat'
  Grand Forks Air Force Base
  White House pressed on Biden physical exam after blowing past January deadline
  Omaha police officers shoot, kill gunman at Target in west Omaha
  West Omaha Target store reopens after active shooter incident
  [Video] - 'I just really appreciate the help': Mother thanks Target employee who helped her
Wednesday, February 1, 2023
  New Home of the Schnitt Show in Tampa Bay
  Fed raises rates a quarter point, expects 'ongoing' increases
  FBI search of Biden's Rehoboth Beach home yields no documents with classified markings, attorney says
  Build the fence! Biden beach house barrier cost swells to nearly $500K
  Hunter Biden paid assistant thousands off the books for filthy sex chats, texts show
  Fed raises rates by a quarter point, notes lower inflation
  It's official: Nikki Haley running for president. Formal announcement Feb. 15
  Five things to know about Nikki Haley as she prepares for 2024 race
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  Is Nikki Haley setting a 'man-trap' for Trump, Pompeo and other 2024 rivals?
  [Video] - Haley on 2024 presidential run: 'I would not run if President Trump ran'
  Trump Goes on Early Morning Rant Attacking DeSantis: 'The Real Ron is a RINO GLOBALIST'
  2018: Ron DeSantis Defeats Andrew Gillum In Tight Florida Governor's Race
  Trump Campaign Reportedly Plans to Bash DeSantis For Vaccinating Elderly - Despite Trump's Continued Support For Vaccines
  Former Tallahassee Mayor And Gubernatorial Candidate And Associate Charged With Conspiracy, Wire Fraud, And Making False Statements
  [Video] - DeSantis snaps back at Trump: I got reelected
  Thermostatic faucet valves
  [Video] - Tom Brady Announces Retirement from the NFL 'For Good'
  Tom Brady Will Make More With Fox in 10 Years Than He Has During His Entire NFL Career; Salary More Than What Tony Romo and Troy Aikman Make Combined
  The NFL's best broadcaster is poised to be pushed out to make way for Tom, and that's unfair
  Eagles OL Josh Sills indicted on rape, kidnapping charges
  [Video] - MyPillow Mike Lindell's Interview from Inside a Claw Machine
  Gisele BŁndchen sends heartfelt message to Tom Brady following retirement announcement
  [Video] - 'You Seem Angry': Softball OAN Interview With George Santos Turns Tense When Pushed On 'Sincere Apology'
  Ilhan Omar - live: GOP advances effort to oust Democrat from committee as she denies antisemitic remarks
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