Saturday June 06, 2020
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Friday, June 05, 2020
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Friday, June 5, 2020
  May sees biggest jobs increase ever of 2.5 million as economy starts to recover from coronavirus
  What to Make of the Rebound in the U.S. Jobs Report
  [Video] - Trump touts stunning May jobs report
  WSJ: May's Job Numbers So Strong All Future Stimulus Could Be Scrapped
  NYT Columnist Suggests Without Evidence Trump Cooked Unemployment Report
  Trump signs bill to ease guidelines on coronavirus relief loans for small businesses
  [Video] - Watch now: DA investigating, 2 Buffalo police officers suspended after protester seriously injured
  CNN doesn't air Trump jobs report remarks; Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC carry in full
  [Video] - Woman scolds mom for letting kids drive toy car without a license
  Buffalo Police Emergency Response Team members resign from special position
  2 officers involved in George Floyd death were rookies, attorney says 1 was on his 4th day
  [Photo] - Washington DC paints a giant 'Black Lives Matter' message on the road to the White House
  Witness Who Was in Floyd's Car Says His Friend Did Not Resist Arrest
  [Video] - Slow motion video of Buffalo, NY incident of cops shoving old man to the ground
  Members of Minneapolis City Council vow to 'dismantle' police department
  Trump Tweets in Support of Drew Brees Comments on Protests During National Anthem: 'NO KNEELING!'
  Trump-Bowser feud continues
  [Video] - Trump at Jobs Presser: Hopefully George Floyd is 'Looking Down Right Now, Saying This is a Great Thing'
Thursday, June 4, 2020
  'Amazing Grace' opens memorial for George Floyd at Minneapolis service
  White Defendant in Shooting Death of Ahmaud Arbery Used Racial Slur, Investigator Says
  [Video] - Looter gets looted!
  Apple Warns Looters With Stolen iPhones: You Are Being Tracked
  Over 70 cars stolen from San Leandro dealership as looting, destruction hit city
  Movement to defund police gains 'unprecedented' support across US
  Witness Who Was in Floyd's Car Says His Friend Did Not Resist Arrest
  James Mattis condemns Trump as a threat to the Constitution
  Esper Breaks With Trump
  Trump says he had the 'honor' of firing James Mattis
  READ: Full statement from General James Mattis
  [Video] - 'Stunning,' 'powerful,' 'overdue': Romney, Murkowski praise Mattis' stinging Trump rebuke
  [Video] - CNN's Van Jones Calls Police Brutality an 'Atomic Bomb': We're 'One Videotape' Away From 'Five or 10 American Cities on Fire'
  National Hurricane Center forecast maps: Cristobal
  Former NYC police officers say new bail reform law is 'wonderful' for looters
  Cuomo slams cops for not stopping looting as NYPD decries 'packs of youths running as fast as they can' smashing storefronts
  Cuomo Tells DAs to Hold Looters on Bail, DAs Say No
  [Video] - The "Yahoo Finance" interview that got Drew Brees in trouble
  Drew Brees issues apology on Instagram
  Fmr. Trump Chief of Staff John Kelly Torpedos President's Claim He Fired James Mattis: He's 'Clearly Forgotten How it Actually Happened'
  [Video] - Heartbreaking account by Black woman who had gun pulled on her by Black man as she tried to clean up
Wednesday, June 3, 2020
  Klobuchar tweets charge against Chauvin will be enhanced, 3 others will be charged
  Attorney General Keith Ellison to elevate charges against officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck; also charging other 3 involved
  Minnesota statute: Murder in the second degree
  [Video] - Rochester radio station fires hosts Kimberly & Beck for racist comments on air
  U.S. Surgeon General offers tips for safe protesting
  AP: New charges filed
  Minnesota statute: Murder in the third degree
  Attorney General Keith Ellison upgrade charges against officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck; charged other 3 involved
  [Video] - Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison's press conference
  Owner of Minneapolis store that called police on George Floyd says he won't do it in the future
  Poll shows voters support use of military in riots
  [Video] - NYC looters seen escaping in Rolls-Royce SUV worth at least $330,000
  More than 70 cars stolen from San Leandro Dodge dealership during looting spree
  [Video] - Pentagon chief on shaky ground with White House after breaking with Trump over protest response
  [Video] - Looters using a forklift to smash open a Best Buy in Fairfield, California
  White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter
  [Audio] - Fark and Schnitt podcast
  [Audio] - MJ Morning Show podcast
  An 'ANTIFA' Twitter account that called for looting 'white hoods' was actually run by white nationalist group Identity Evropa
  Reward for information leading to killer of St. Louis Police Captain David Dorn raised to $40K
  Conflicting reports of looting at Soho Rolex store
  St. Pete man accused of punching police dog, trying to cause unrest
  Man Dies Trying to Blow Up ATM on Philadelphia Sidewalk
  Apple is disabling and tracking some looted iPhones
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