Saturday August 08, 2020
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Friday, August 07, 2020
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Friday, August 7, 2020
  Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests negative in second COVID-19 test
  [Video] - Governor Mike DeWine explains the events of yesterday involving his COVID-19 tests
  Eyeing big China box office, Hollywood bows to censorship: report
  N.Y. Schools Can Reopen, Cuomo Says, in Contrast With Much of U.S.
  Coronavirus stimulus talks fall apart in 'disappointing' meeting between Democrats, White House
  U.S. intelligence report on Trump-Biden election meddling reveals who Russia, China and Iran want to win
  White House rejects Democrats' offer for $2 trillion stimulus price tag
  [Audio] - MJ Morning Show podcast
  Booneville, Arkansas man plants mysterious seeds from China being sent across the U.S.
  China working against Trump's reelection, while Russia spreads disinformation on Biden: US intelligence
  Statement by NCSC Director William Evanina: Election threat update
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  [Photo] - Doctored videos are already faking the cause of Beirut's explosion
  [Video] - Did a Missile Hit Beirut? Fake Videos on Facebook Fuel Conspiracy Theory
  Covid-19 vaccine before the election is "highly unlikely," senior administration official says
  [Video] - Man beaten, robbed of his six-figure life savings outside Southern California Chase Bank
  [Video] - Man loses life savings in caught-on-video robbery, assault outside Huntington Park bank
  [Video] - Caught On Camera: Florida Man Attacks Lyft Driver
  [Video] - Palm Coast man attacks Lyft driver, deputies say
  [Video] - 'Drunk' Lyft rider puts driver in chokehold over COVID-19 barrier: video
  Police: Rape suspect, freed due to coronavirus, kills accuser
  Biden Posts Tweets to 'Clarify' Comments About Diversity in African-American, Latino Communities
  [Video] - Biden Says Latino Community More Ideologically 'Diverse' Than Black Community at Conference for Black Journalists
  US hiring slows amid signs of longer-lasting economic damage
  [Video] - Cramer says he does not see anything in July jobs report that makes him 'feel confident'
  Governor Cuomo says schools in New York state can reopen
Thursday, August 6, 2020
  People are dying after drinking hand sanitizer, CDC says
  Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests positive for coronavirus
  Is Halloween canceled? Costumers, candy makers, theme parks face scary realities
  History of Halloween: Second Largest Commercial Holiday In United States After Christmas
  Lake of the Ozarks mayor defends crowds after town catches heat - again
  Missouri posts 1,200 single day deaths, down from 2,000
  [Video] - Sturgis biker rally expects 250,000 people but not requiring masks
  Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests positive for coronavirus
  Los Angeles Coronavirus Update: Mayor Eric Garcetti Says DWP Will Shut Off Water And Power At Homes That Throw Large Parties
  New York AG seeks to dissolve NRA in lawsuit accusing leaders of self-dealing, causing $64 million in losses
  Professor Allan Lichtman, who has accurately predicted elections since 1984, says Biden will win
  Proposal to abolish Minneapolis Police Department delayed past November ballot
  Black Americans Want Police to Retain Local Presence
  Minneapolis Star Tribune endorses Ilhan Omar's primary challenger
  Tlaib wins Michigan Democratic primary, declares Squad 'here to stay, and it's only getting bigger'
  US obesity epidemic could undermine effectiveness of a Covid-19 vaccine
  [Photo] - Beirut firefighters pictured trying to enter warehouse just before explosion
  [Photo] - 16 Port of Beirut employees arrested over cause of explosion as tragic photo shows the moment firefighters tried to enter Warehouse 12 before store of ammonium nitrate ignited
  [Photo] - Port worker rescued 30 hours after being blown into the sea by the l blast in Beirut
  [Video] - After days of tension, Israel offers aid for devastated Beirut
  [Photo] - We will light you up with our missiles: Some Lebanese give hostile reaction on social media to Tel Aviv solidarity gesture
  [Photos] - Before and after images show extensive damage in Beirut
  Beirut Explosions: 157 Dead, Nearly 300,000 Homeless; India to Extend Help to Lebanon
  Guacamole maker explodes, killing former mayor, injuring two others
  [Video] - Trump suggests NRA move headquarters to Texas after NY AG files suit
  New York Attorney General Moves To Dissolve The NRA After Fraud Investigation
  NRA fights back, files its own suit against NY attorney general seeking to disband organization
  Six Craziest Allegations in New York's Lawsuit Against Wayne LaPierre to Dissolve the NRA
  FBI: US firearms sales boom during pandemic lockdown
  First-time gun ownership skyrockets amid riots, increased violence across country
Wednesday, August 5, 2020
  [Video] - Biden Dismisses Cognitive Test Question by Asking Reporter if He Took a Drug Test Before Interview: 'Are You a Junkie?'
  [Video] - Trump Gets Roasted for Totally Butchering Pronunciation of Yosemite
  Joe Biden won't travel to Milwaukee for 2020 DNC because of coronavirus concerns
  Trump considering giving convention speech from White House
  GOP senator on Trump accepting nomination at White House: 'Is that even legal?'
  [Video] - Visual guide: how explosion caused mass casualties and devastation across Beirut
  [Audio] - MJ Morning Show podcast
  Georgia 2nd grader tests positive for coronavirus after attending the 1st day of school
  Teachers returned to a Georgia school district last week. 260 employees have already gone home to quarantine
  Corinth School District, first to reopen in Mississippi, reports COVID-19 case
  Eleven southeast Kansas school leaders attended Branson retreat; six now have COVID
  Gwinnett County Public Schools teacher resigns due to no option to work from home
  An Indiana school reopened for students. There was a positive COVID-19 test on day one
  Brownsburg High School student tests positive for COVID-19, 4th school with case in 1st week
  A Mississippi high school student tests positive for Covid-19 after returning to school
  There's not much good news about kids and coronavirus
  [Video] - Trump Says Schools Should Open Because Coronavirus 'Is Going Away,' Kids Are 'Almost Immune'
  CDC: Children ages 10 to 19 spread the new coronavirus at the same rate as adults
  Cuomo: Districts need to inform parents and teachers on school reopening plans
  Yale student sues university claiming online courses were inferior, seeks tuition refund, class action status
  [Video] - BBC Beirut interview interrupted by the blast
  Initial investigations point to negligence as cause of Beirut blast, source says
  Beirut explosion: How chemicals abandoned by a Russian businessman triggered a devastating blast felt in Cyprus
  Beirut explosions: Where did the 'floating bomb' cargo come from and is Russia connected?
  [Video] - These 7 videos show the massive Lebanon explosion from street level, across Beirut
  Beirut explosion generated seismic waves equivalent of a magnitude 3.3 earthquake
  [Photos] - Satellite images of Beirut explosion show massive crater at port
  [Video] - Before and after: drone footage shows devastation caused by Beirut explosion
  Pentagon chief says "most believe" Beirut blast was an accident
  1 American among 135 dead in massive Beirut explosion, officials say
  [Video] - Billy Bass
  Rep. Karen Bass praised Communist Party USA member in Congressional Record
  US defense officials contradict Trump, say no indication of attack in Beirut
  Substance that reportedly sparked Beirut explosions was used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing
  The Clorox wipes shortage is expected to last into 2021
  Oprah labeled a 'fraud' for calling out 'white privilege' since she's so rich
  'Spread like wildfire': Ohio churchgoer spread COVID-19 to at least 91 other people, cases from family gatherings continue to rise
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