Wednesday April 01, 2020
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Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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Tuesday, March 31, 2020
  CNN anchor Chris Cuomo diagnosed with coronavirus; he will continue working from home
  The COVID-19 outbreak is now officially more deadly than the 9/11 terrorist attacks which killed 2,977
  [Video] - Fauci: 'We're starting to see glimmers' mitigation is having 'dampening effect'
  [Photo] - Garth Brooks accepts Library of Congress's Gershwin Prize for Popular Song from Pelosi, McCarthy
  [Video] - Fauci anticipates another US coronavirus outbreak in the fall
  [Video] - Pastor: Despite COVID-19, I'm Planning a "Woodstock"-Like Easter Gathering
  [Video] - Pastor: We'll Be "Minimally Affected by Coronavirus" Because Trump is Pro-Israel
  Pastor says only "sissies" & "pansies" wash their hands to prevent coronavirus
  Dow drops 400 points as stocks close out their worst first quarter ever
  Goldman sees 15% jobless rate and 34% GDP decline, followed by the fastest recovery in history
  Harwood Financial Group: 800-989-1427
  Coronavirus could travel 27 feet, stay in air for hours: MIT researcher
  President of Holland America cruise line pleads for compassion while Florida debates allowing ships to dock
  H1N1 flu vs. COVID-19: Comparing pandemics and the response
  Fauci predicts another coronavirus outbreak in fall with 'very different' outcome
  [Video] - NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo discusses brother Chris' Covid-19 diagnosis
  Virginia extends stay-at-home order until June 10
  Here's how long the coronavirus will last on surfaces, and how to disinfect those surfaces.
  N.J. CD manufacturer now making 40K face shields a day to combat coronavirus
  Brooklyn man arrested for hoarding masks, coughing on FBI agents
  [Photo] - 'There's Some Corona For You': DUI Suspect Brenda Johnson Spits On Arvada Police Officer
Monday, March 30, 2020
  Trump Extending Coronavirus Social Distancing Guidelines Until April 30, Dropping Goal of Reopening By Easter
  [Video] - Arrest warrant issued for Tampa megachurch pastor who led packed services despite safer-at-home orders
  Joel Osteen's Houston megachurch cancels public Sunday service over coronavirus
  More Americans Should Probably Wear Masks for Protection
  Klear Vu shifts cushion production to protective masks
  Liberty University student tests positive for Covid-19 after Falwell reopens campus
  [Photo] - Crowds ignore social distancing rules to watch USNS Comfort
  [Video] - Disturbing video shows Brooklyn hospital staff lifting bodies with forklift
  FDA approves 5-minute coronavirus test by Abbott Labs
  Stocks continue their rebound from coronavirus plunge, Dow jumps 3%
  New Yorkers not practicing social distancing will face fine, de Blasio says
  Florida setting up checkpoints for New Yorkers fleeing coronavirus
Friday, March 27, 2020
  House passes $2 trillion coronavirus bill as problems for households and businesses continue to mount
  PDQ open to serve you
  United Airlines warns aid isn't enough to avoid workforce cuts
  Dow drops more than 900 points on Friday, but still finishes higher for the week
  Trump orders General Motors to make ventilators under Defense Production Act
  USA leads the world with most coronavirus cases on the planet
  Trump praises Rachel Maddow!
  Trump signs $2.2 trillion aid package amid coronavirus crisis
  Gig Workers Get Jobless Benefits Under Virus Bill
  State-by-state breakdown of US coronavirus cases
  [Video] - Amazon delivery guy deliberately spits on package
  Where did Boris Johnson catch coronavirus... and who did he infect?
  Four dead on cruise ship heading to Fort Lauderdale
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