Friday February 23, 2018
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Friday, February 23, 2018
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Friday, February 23, 2018
  [Video] - Trump jokes about his own bald spot
  Florida School Shooting: This Is Deputy Scot Peterson Who "Never Went In"
  'School shooter in the making': All the times authorities were warned about Nikolas Cruz
  FBI Tip-Line Caller Said Nikolas Cruz 'Is Going to Explode'
  [Video] - Secret Service: Vehicle hit barrier near White House
  Coral Springs Police Chief Praises First Responders: "We Did Save Lives That Day, As Tragic As It Was"
  130 Coral Springs police officers responded to school shooting, chief says
  Trump directs Pentagon to schedule military parade for Veterans Day
  Gov. Scott proposes new gun, school safety measures in wake of high school shooting
  Gov. Scott Announces Major Action Plan to Keep Florida Students Safe Following Tragic Parkland Shooting
  [Video] - NRA's Dana Loesch Brutally Heckled at CNN Town Hall With Shooting Survivors: 'You're a Murderer!'
  [Video] - Insanity: CNN Town Hall Student Questions Loesch's Motherhood, Hecklers Shout 'Murderer'
  [Video] - Alisyn Camerota Confronts Dana Loesch For Saying Media 'Loves' Mass Shootings: 'How Dare You!?'
  Coral Springs Police Were Reportedly Upset Broward County Deputies Did Not Enter School
  Former Trump adviser pleads guilty in Mueller probe
  Robert Mueller just flipped his third former Trump aide
  "Inexcusably insensitive": Black History Month menu at NYU leads to firings
Thursday, February 22, 2018
  Man sues Microsoft for $600M after a forced Windows upgrade destroyed his PC
  Trump signals shift on guns
  Trump suggests arming teachers as a solution to increase school safety
  [Video] - Trump Hits Previous Presidents For Failing to Act on Gun Violence: 'We're Gonna Take Action'
  [Video] - President Trump Suggests Giving Teachers Bonuses for Going Through Gun Training
  Trump Calls For Stricter Gun Control Measures: 'Congress is in a Mood to Finally Do Something...I Hope!'
  [Video] - Parkland Shooting Survivor Claims CNN Gave Him 'Scripted' Questions for Town Hall
  CNN Vigorously Denies Scripting Town Hall Questions: 'Absolutely No Truth to This'
  [Video] - Parkland Survivor Grills Rubio Over NRA Money: 'In the Name of 17 People' You Can't Decline Funds?
  [Video] - Father of Parkland Victim Corners Rubio on Gun Legislation: 'Your Comments...Have Been Pathetically Weak'
  Colorado's school shooting -- over in 80 seconds
  Pearl High School shooting
  V-Line security cases and cabinets
  All the times Nikolas Cruz was reported to authorities prior to the school shooting
  Here's how often you should replace everything in your bathroom
  Fla. shooting survivor's mother: We have received death threats
  How a survivor of the Florida school shooting became the victim of an online conspiracy
  Read the new charges against Manafort, Gates
  CNN wins high ratings with event on guns
  School cop resigns after shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School
  Security footage from school massacre scene was on 20-minute delay, police say
  Mattis expected to back allowing transgender troops to stay in the military
  Survey Finds That Average Americans Have 60 Bad Days Each Year
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
  Far Right Blogs, Conspiracy Theorists Attack Parkland Mass Shooting Survivor
  [Video] - The #1 Trending Video on YouTube Right Now Suggests That a Student From the Parkland Shooting Is a Crisis Actor
  Trump privately talks up new age limit on guns
  [Video] - Parkland Student Makes Emotional Speech at FL State Capitol: 'The Law Has Failed Us'
  Man gets 4 years 11 months for school threat
  Thousands Of Americans Are Gunned Down Each Year, But Few Die By Assault-Style Rifle
  How banks could control gun sales if Washington wont
  Trump holds listening session with students on mass shootings
  [Video] - Parkland Students Speak to Trump at Listening Session: 'People Need to Feel Safe'
  [Video] - Trump-Supporting Father Who Lost Daughter In Florida Shooting Delivers Amazing Speech At White House
  A school security officer heard a threat. Police say that may have helped thwart an attack.
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