Wednesday December 11, 2019
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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
  Former FBI Lawyer Lisa Page Sues Justice Department and FBI
  House Democrats unveil articles of impeachment against Trump
  Strzok, Page texts about Trump
  Growing divide between Trump and McConnell over impeachment trial
  'End this': Republicans poised to call no witnesses during Trump impeachment trial in Senate
  READ: Articles of impeachment against President Trump
  Students evacuated from Manatee County school bus after someone sprayed too much Axe body spray
  Lisa Page sues FBI and DOJ, citing 'cost of therapy' after salacious text messages released
  Officer, 5 Others Dead in 'Ambush' NJ Active Shooter Situation
  Jersey City shooting: Police officer among 6 killed in shooting, standoff; Suspects dead
  The mystery of Rudy Giuliani's spokeswoman
  Vegan influencer eats meat for 30 days, shocks fans by saying she's healthier than she's 'felt in years'
  After NAS Pensacola shooting, Navy suspends flight training for nearly 300 Saudi students, official says
  Cyberattack against city of Pensacola is ransomware attack, officials confirm
  Taco Bell worker swung machete at drive-through customer
  [Video] - Grinch in reindeer slipper pushes woman out of wheelchair, steals it: video
  [Photo] - Someone in Vegas Glued Cowboy Hats to a Bunch of Pigeons' Heads
  Florida man accused of shoving girlfriend to the ground in fight over impeachment
  [Video] - FBI Director Chris Wray: It Was Not Unfair for Bureau to Investigate Trump Campaign
  Trump lashes out at FBI chief Wray for embracing DOJ Inspector General report
Monday, December 9, 2019
  Impeachment hearing: Live updates from second day of Judiciary Committee testimony
  'It's a disgrace, it's a hoax': Trump says of impeachment hearings - the latest
  Impeachment backlash: Poll has Trump trouncing all comers in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan
  Marianne Williamson falls for fake news story claiming Trump pardoned Charles Manson
  Poll: Impeachment is helping Trump in 3 key battleground states
  Morning Madness: Average Adult Wakes Up Grumpy 300 Days A Year!
  Caroll Spinney, Big Bird's Alter Ego on 'Sesame Street,' Is Dead at 85
  Barr and Durham Publicly Disagree With Horowitz Report on Russia Inquiry
  [Video] - NBC's Pete Williams on Carter Page FISA Warrant: IG Report Found FBI 'Screwed Up at Every Level'
  Inspector general's report on Russia probe: key takeaways
  [Video] - Trump Reacts to IG Report: 'Far Worse Than What I Ever Thought Possible'
  Pensacola NAS shooter: What we know about Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani
  Terror attack? Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis calls for gun restrictions after Pensacola shooting
  Saudis have come for U.S. military training for decades. Here's why and how.
  Pensacola shooter was 'infuriated' over 'Porn Stash' nickname
  ABC: NAS Pensacola shooter previously assigned to Lackland AFB
  Walmart apologizes for sweater featuring Santa with cocaine
  Florida woman charged with using Christmas tree to attack boyfriend
  North Korea: Denuclearization talks are off the table
Friday, December 6, 2019
  A Saudi national is the suspected gunman in deadly shooting at Pensacola Naval Air Station, sources say
  Pensacola Shooting Updates: Gunman Was a Saudi Military Trainee
  [Video] - Trump Responds to Pensacola Naval Base Shooting by Defending Saudi Arabia: They 'Love the American People'
  [Video] - Florida Gov. DeSantis reacts to Pensacola shooting, says Saudi Arabia 'owes a debt'
  California mother plows her car into barber shop because she was 'upset with her son's haircut'
  Law scholar Jonathan Turley threatened after testimony in Trump impeachment hearings
  Details emerge about UPS driver killed in shootout after being taken hostage in police chase
  What we know about the UPS driver who was taken hostage and killed during shootout
  DONATE: Frank Ordonez fund
  White House tells Nadler it won't participate in impeachment hearing
  No 'nuclear reactor' or hazards found at Columbus home after scare
  Neighbors given OK to return home after no "nuclear reactor" or hazards found at Northwest Side home
  [Video] - 1.21 Gigawatts - Back to the Future (6/10) Movie CLIP (1985)
  [Video] - "Heat" shootout scene 1995
  [Video] - Trump Says He's 'Looking Very Strongly' at Toilets: 'People Are Flushing Toilets 10 Times, 15 Times'
  [Video] - Fox's Napolitano, McCarthy Reject Turley's Anti-Impeachment Argument: 'Simply Wrong'
  I Worked for Alex Jones. I Regret It.
  Just 1 of the 3 living USS Arizona survivors will be able to attend a ceremony marking the attack's 78th anniversary
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