Thursday September 19, 2019
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Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Thursday, September 19, 2019
  [Video] - New Video Surfaces Showing Trudeau in Blackface, Compounding Scandal
  Trump's communications with foreign leader are part of whistleblower complaint
  Iran's top diplomat warns of "all-out war" after Mike Pompeo's comments on Saudi oil attack
  Hezbollah Scout Was Looking for Attack Targets in NYC: Feds
  Five key questions about the whistleblower mystery
  Trump pushes back on Twitter
  [Video] - 2012: Barack Obama in open microphone gaffe with Dmitry Medvedev
  Pentagon says US will defer to Saudis on whether to blame Iran for attack
  Schiff threatens legal action if intelligence chief doesn't share whistleblower complaint
  Inspector General for the Intelligence Community is a Trump appointee
  [Video] - 'Uncharted territory': National security lawyer aghast at Trump's latest foreign phone call scandal
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  Shane Gillis performs first stand-up set after Saturday Night Live fracas
  [Video] - Trump says he keeps cash on hand so he can leave tips
  Manchin: 'Beto O'Rourke is not taking my guns away from me'
  FedEx pilot detained before boarding a flight in China
  Omarosa visits Michael Cohen in prison, has taken on role of 'personal adviser': source
Wednesday, September 18, 2019
  American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging jet may have terrorist ties, feds say
  Trump says Powell and the Fed 'Fail Again' - 'No guts, no sense, no vision!'
  [Video] - Watch the SCHNITT SHOW on NewsMax TV
  Pompeo calls Saudi oil field attack an 'act of war'
  Trump and Lindsey Graham get into spat on Twitter over Iran
  Trump says he told Mnuchin to 'substantially increase' sanctions on Iran
  [Video] - Graham warns Trump: New Iran sanctions likely to 'fall short'
  American Airlines Mechanic Has Possible ISIS Ties, Prosecutors Say
  2018: Complete transcript of NBC/Megyn Kelly interview with Vladimir Putin
  [Video] - Trump protesters clash with supporters before president attends Beverly Hills fundraiser
  [Video] - Ilhan Omar Accuses Trump of Putting Her Life in Danger After He Retweets False Claim She Partied on 9/11
  Overweight people more likely to have overweight dogs: study
  MSNBC Regular Fantasizes About Plowing Car into Trump Building Lobby After Same Accident Occurs
  Trump names new national security adviser
  POLITICO EXCLUSIVE: Bolton unloads on Trump's foreign policy behind closed doors
  [Video] - Trump warns he may do 'dastardly things' to Iran
  How the Federal Reserve rate cut could affect your finances
  Al Sharpton flubs Cokie Roberts' name in failed tribute tweet
  [Photo] - Al Sharpton tweets out wrong photo to remember 'Cookie Roberts'
  Michelle Malkin Smears Cokie Roberts on the Day of Her Death: 'One of the First Guilty Culprits of Fake News'
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  [Video] - Lewandowski hearing descends into chaos
  [Video] - Hearing Ignites as House Dem Clashes With Combative Lewandowski: 'This Is House Judiciary, Not a House Party!'
  [Video] - Corey Lewandowski Announces 'Potential' Run For Senate During House Impeachment Hearing
  [Video] - Dems Mock Lewandowski as Coward For Not Following Trump's Orders to Fire Sessions: 'You Chickened Out!'
  [Video] - At least Lewandowski didn't go on "Dancing with the Stars" in a lime-green salsa shirt like Spicer!
  [Video] - Alex Trebek's Cancer Fight Takes a Turn, Jeopardy! Host to Resume Chemo: 'My Numbers Went Sky High'
  [Audio] - New "Fark and Schnitt" podcast
  [Video] - Ilhan Omar: Administration that lies can't be trusted on Iran
  Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley to file Brett Kavanaugh impeachment resolution
  U.S. intel shows cruise missiles fired at Saudi oil facility came from Iran, officials say
  [Photos] - U.S. Satellites Detected Iran Readying Weapons Ahead Of Saudi Strike, Officials Say
  Iran says President Rouhani will not meet Trump at UN General Assembly
  Trump says not looking to meet Iran's Rouhani at U.N. meeting
  [Video] - Trump: Everybody Involved In Kavanaugh Story At 'New York Times' Must Resign
  Christine Ford's Friend Now Says Kavanaugh Story Doesn't Make Sense, But She Was Pressured to Say Otherwise
  [Video] - Kavanaugh Book Co-Authors Say NYT Editors Cut Key Detail About Alleged Victim Not Remembering the Assault
  Kamala Harris Urges House Judiciary Committee to Investigate Kavanaugh
  STUDY: Don't make major decisions on an empty stomach
  Illinois man, 48, is convicted in booby-trap shotgun killing
  [Video] - California woman who dreamed she ate her engagement ring has surgery after waking up to find she actually did
  Antonio Brown's former doctor recalls first meeting: 'This man is farting in my face'
  [Video] - NFL's Antonio Brown farts a lot during body fat test
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