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Friday, August 29, 2014
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Friday, August 29, 2014
  [Video] - Obama: 'We don't have a strategy yet' for IS in Syria
  Labor Day in United States
  Labor Day Sales That You Should Check Out This Weekend
  Found: The Islamic State's Terror Laptop of Doom
  Obama's no 'strategy yet' comment on ISIS in Syria sparks a political uproar
  [Video] - UK raises threat level to severe, PM blames 'poisonous ideology of Islamic extremism' - U.S. level stays same
  Why Your Passwords Should be at Least 24 Characters Long
  We don't shut the Schnitt TV camera off, ever. Become a Schnitt Show VIP member today.
  [Video] - Schnittshow.com: Obama Golf Ball Bucket Challenge #ALS
  [Video] - Uzi Instructor Charles Vacca's Family: Death Was 'Tragic Accident'
  Josh Earnest clarifies Barack Obama ISIL answer
  [Video] - Earnest: We do have an ISIS strategy
  [Video] - Young boy's reaction to mom's pregnancy: 'This is exasperating'
  [Video] - CNN's Acosta to Earnest: How Much Does Obama Regret That 'No Strategy' Line?
  [Video] - Reporter To Pentagon Spokesman: "Why Should ISIS Think You're Anything But Not Ready?"
  [Video] - How People Make Big Bucks off Viral Videos
  NFL commish Roger Goodell admits 'I didn't get it right' with Ravens RB Ray Rice as league announces new domestic violence policy
  NFL sets new domestic violence policy
  Ravens' Rice Draws 2-Game Suspension From Goodell
  Britain Raises Terrorism Threat Level to 'Severe'
  [Video] - FLASHBACK: Michelle Obama: First Time proud of USA
  Putin: Don't 'mess' with nuclear Russia
  Russia: Is Vladimir Putin Punishing McDonald's Over West's Ukraine Sanctions?
  Joan Rivers' daughter Melissa distraught as comedian remains in medically induced coma: source
  Joan Rivers 'resting comfortably' after being rushed to hospital, daughter says
  [Video] - FBI national domestic threat assessment omits Islamist terrorism
  FBI National Domestic Threat Assessment Omits Islamist Terrorism
  Fort Hood shooter says he wants to become 'citizen' of Islamic State caliphate
  Is the ISIS Laptop of Doom an Operational Threat?
  McDonald's says 12 Russian branches temporarily closed
  101 Best Pizzas in America
  Aafia Siddiqui, From Wikipedia
  'Significant increase' in terror chatter as haunting anniversary of 9/11 nears
  [Video] - Fight over legroom forces Paris-bound American Airlines flight to land in Boston
  Drunken Women Fight on Plane, NORAD Scrambles
  [Video] - Dunedin neighbor is sour on boy's lemonade stand
  [Video] - Dunedin boy with lemonade stand reaps windfall; neighbor under city review
  Melissa Rivers Speaks Out: Joan Rivers Would Be So Touched by the Tributes and Prayers
  [Video] - Joan Rivers joked about her death day before surgery scare: 'I'm 81 - I could go at any moment'
  Rick Sklar, 62, A Dominant Force Behind Rock Radio

Schnitt Show Obama Golf Ball Bucket Challenge

Thursday, August 28, 2014
  Joan Rivers Upgraded To 'Stable' Condition After Near-Death Health Scare During Surgery
  [Photos] - Joan Rivers -- Stops Breathing During Surgery
  [Video] - Joan Rivers Returns to The Tonight Show
  Sister of Boston Marathon Bombers Arrested for Making Bomb Threat
  [Video] - Video Messaging Service Confirms Timestamp of Michael Brown Shooting Audio
  [Video] - West New York woman, identifying bomb suspects as her 'brothers,' can't understand what happened
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  [Video] - IRS lawyer: Lois Lerner's BlackBerry deliberately destroyed after start of congressional probe
  Judicial Watch Claims IRS Attorneys Admit Lois Lerner's 'Missing' Emails Exist
  [Video] - CNN Guest on Ferguson Audio: 'Someone's Trying to Punk CNN'
  [Video] - CNN Guests Think Brown Shooting Audio Is A Hoax
  [Photos] - Joan Rivers hospitalized in critical condition after she stops breathing during operation
  Thousands of Abu Ghraib photos set for release
  Army report: Islamic State grew more powerful over four years, did not suddenly emerge
  [Video] - U.S. on alert amid claim of new American killed fighting for extremists in Syria
  [Video] - Man with knife shot by police officer at Woodruff Park in Atlanta
  Obama on ISIS: 'We don't have a strategy yet'
  Enjoy Being Recreationally Abducted For Just $950
  Blunt seeks federal help for Ferguson costs
  Hillary Clinton addresses Ferguson crisis, says U.S. is 'better than that'
  Child firing Uzi at Ariz. shooting range accidentally kills instructor, police say
  NRA under fire for tasteless tweet just hours after girl killed instructor with Uzi
  [Video] - The fateful seconds before nine-year-old girl accidentally shot her gun instructor dead with an Uzi
  [Video] - Texas dad acquitted in slaying of driver who killed sons
  Is Tony Soprano dead? David Chase responds to debate that won't die
  Did Tony die at the end of The Sopranos?

Man with knife shot by police officer at Woodruff Park in Atlanta

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