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  • Welcome To The All New SchnittShow.com
  • Welcome To The All New SchnittShow.com
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Wednesday, August 26, 2015
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New York's 710 WOR-AM Announces the Debut of New Morning Show
"Len Berman and Todd Schnitt in the Morning"
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Thursday, August 27, 2015
  [Video] - Trump Invites Rally Attendee to Check If He's Wearing a Toupee
  Latest Poll Shows Good Sign For Biden in General Election
  US Survey: Trump Lead Grows in Republican Presidential Contest
  Words Voters Choose to Describe Hillary Clinton: 'Liar,' 'Dishonest'
  Detailed Response on Clinton, Bush, and Trump
  Contents of Vester Flanagan's Car Released - May Have Planned to Flee
  Statement about Vester Flanagan's employment history at WDBJ7
  What's a company to do with an employee like Vester Lee Flanagan?
  WDBJ Called Police After Firing Flanagan Due To Harrowing Threats
  Inside the home of gunman Bryce Williams
  Bryce Williams' home: Unwashed sex toys, gay porn, cat feces
  Slain Reporter's Father Demands 'Coward' Politicians Take Up Gun Control
  White House renews call for gun control after Virginia TV shooting
  Sorry, But The Second Amendment Isn't About Hunting
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
  Virginia TV journalists shot during WDBJ7 live report
  After Shooting, Alleged Gunman Details Grievances in 'Suicide Notes'
  Who was suspected gunman Vester Lee Flanagan?
  Gunman Who Killed Virginia News Crew Dies After Shooting Himself
  Wal-Mart to stop selling AR-15, other semi-automatic rifles
  Fiance at Station When Photographer, Reporter Were Shot on Live TV
  [Video] - Adam Ward Identified Shooter As He Was Being Shot
  Flanagan Anger Fueled by Dylann Roof Shooting
  Third victim shot is in stable condition
  Virginia shooter Bryce Williams sued Tallahassee station for discrimination
  [Video] - WBDJ Manager Jeff Marks Announces Deaths on Aur
  Alison Parker's boyfriend, Chris Hurst, pays tribute to slain WDBJ7 Virginia reporter
  Alison Parker's Family Speaks Out After Live TV Shooting
  Father of slain TV reporter Alison Parker: 'My grief is unbearable.'
  Virginia Governor Pushes Gun Control During Interview on Journalists' Murders
  [Video] - Josh Earnest Calls For Gun Control In Wake of WDBJ Shooting
  Donald Trump Kicks Jorge Ramos Out Of Press Conference
Tuesday, August 25, 2015
  Dow Jones industrial average closes down 200 points
  Donald Trump's new Twitter tirade against Megyn Kelly
  Roger Ailes Goes After Trump. Feud Back On Apparently
  Donald Trump Thumbs Nose At Roger Ailes Over Megyn Kelly Rumble
  Fox's Frank Luntz Not Afraid to Give Trump Praise
  Bush says 'anchor babies' refers to Asians and even Donald Trump takes offense
  9-Year-Old Shot Dead in Ferguson While Sitting in Bed Doing Her Homework
  Jamyla Bolden funeral information released; reward increased
  [Video] - Peggy Hubbard's Viral Video on the Black Lives Matter Movement
  Grandmother Tears Into Black Lives Matter: 'How About Black Brutality?'
  [Video] - Peggy Hubbard Interview with Don Lemon
  [Video] - ISIS shows baby-faced three-year-old boy behead his TEDDY BEAR
  Security Expert: American Trains Vulnerable To 'Lone Wolf' Terror Attack
  Jeb Bush's Attack On Asian Immigrants Backfires
  Jeb Bush Brings Asian Immigrants Into 'Anchor Baby' Debate
  Jeb Bush Brings Asian Immigrants Into 'Anchor Baby' Debate
  D.C. fails Honest Tea test
  National Social Experiment Finds 95% of Americans Honest
  Study Shows Salad Is Nothing More Than Water Carrier Essentially
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