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  • Welcome To The All New SchnittShow.com
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Monday, January 23, 2017
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Monday, January 23, 2017
  [Video] - Press Secretary Sean Spicer Blasts Media's 'Deliberately False Reporting'
  [Video] - Trump signs executive order withdrawing US from TPP
  Trump Promises Business Leaders Major Border Tax, Rule Cuts
  Trump pledges major 'border tax' in CEO meeting at the White House
  Tillerson says China should be barred from South China Sea islands
  What a Trade War With China Could Look Like
  Are the United States and China Destined for War?
  G.O.P. Senators Hope to Speed Trump Cabinet Confirmations
  Rubio announces support for Trump's secretary of state pick Rex Tillerson
  McCain and Graham back Tillerson
  [Video] - The Latest: Democrats Seek Delay on Sessions Vote
  Secret Service eyes Madonna after star threatens to blow up White House
  Madonna "clarifies" rally remark about 'blowing up the White House'
  [Video] - Frank Luntz Recounts Hotel Assault by Trump Inauguration Protester
  Time Magazine Wastes No Time In Spreading Fake News About Donald Trump
  Trump Lashes Out At Time Magazine For Blatantly False Report
  [Video] - Ashley Judd Sounds Bat-Schnitt Crazy Comparing Trump to Hitler
  Career EPA Staffers Will Undermine Trump, Leak To The Press
  Trump Memo Suggests Major Budget Cuts, Reforms In Store For EPA
  Comparing Donald Trump and Barack Obama's inaugural crowd sizes
  Fact-Checking Sean Spicer's 'Alternative Facts'
  National Park Service tweeting again after suspension
  Reporters Flip Out When WH Press Secretary Skips AP For First Question
  'Saturday Night Live' writer suspended indefinitely over Barron Trump tweet
  Chelsea Clinton and Others Say, Leave Barron Trump Alone
  [Video] - Woman kicked off plane for berating Trump supporter in viral video
Friday, January 20, 2017
  [Video] - Trump becomes 45th President of the United States
  [Photo] - WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini Is On The Streets Of DC For Trump's Inauguration
  'Deploraball' guests met by protesters in chaotic scene
  [Video] - Police Tear Gas Protesters During Pre-Inauguration Party
  [Video] - Anti-Trump Protesters Destroy Businesses in DC During Riots
  Cher, De Niro, And Other Has-Beens Show Up For New York Protest
  New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Tells Trump Protesters to Build Movement
  The Questionable Past of Trump's Spiritual Advisor, Paula White
  [Video] - Live Stream of Donald Trump Walking Along Inaugural Parade
  Donald Trump's Inaugural Parade: Who's in it?
  Inside the Massive Inauguration Security Effort
  [Photo] - Melania Trump Looks Stunning In Baby Blue Ralph Lauren Dress
  On the Eve of Trump Inauguration, Black Republicans Celebrate, Reflect
  Talladega College Marching Band Heads to Trump Inaugural after Raising $620K
  [Photo] - Protesters Set Limo on Fire in DC
  Senate committee approves James 'Mad Dog' Mattis for Defense Secretary
  Mike Kelly Also Expected to Be Confirmed
  [Video] - Police injured in protests, nearly 100 arrested at Trump inauguration
  Trump Gives White House Website A Makeover
  [Video] - In Inaugural Address, Trump Pledges to Keep 'America First'
  [Video] - Trump: We Will Eradicate Radical Islamic Terrorism
  Obama's Final Phone Call as President Was to Angela Merkel
  [Video] - Obama's Legacy #1: Obama Phone!!
  [Video] - Obama Legacy #2: "You didn't build that"
  One of Obama's Few Foreign Policy Bright Spots
  117 Gitmo Detainees Returned to Terrorism So Far or 18% of Released Detainees
  Debt soared more than $1 trillion per year under Obama
  ACF: Obamacare Robbed Comapnies of $19B
  New Obama Regulation Set To Cripple Employers. Again.
Thursday, January 19, 2017
  In final act as president, Obama commutes 330 drug sentences
  [Video] - Watch: Rick Perry and Al Franken Share Awkward 'Saturday Night Live Soundbite'
  George H.W. Bush hopes to return home soon
  Designated survivor from Obama cabinet to sit out inauguration in case of tragedy
  North Korea threatens to 'nuke' Trump's inauguration
  Trump Inauguration Spotlights New Ways to Protect Crowds From Attack Drones
  Report: Trump Being Encouraged By Advisers to Dance With Caitlyn Jenner at Inauguration
  Americans seem more interested in inauguration protests than in the inauguration
  Trump Inauguration Will Not See These Celebrities; Who Will Boycott With Concerts And Marches?
  Thousands of women will wear pink 'pussy hats' the day after Trump's inauguration
  Julian Assange Repeats Offer of Extradition to U.S.
  North Korea may be readying missile test, timing unclear: U.S. officials
  U.S. Treasury nominee Mnuchin hammered over offshore tax havens
  U.S. economy shows strength on eve of Trump presidency
  The US just put China on notice with F-35s in the Pacific - but China may be ready with a counter punch
  U.S. Stocks Fall With Treasuries as Dollar Weakens: Markets Wrap
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