Sunday January 19, 2020
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Friday, January 17, 2020
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Friday, January 17, 2020
  [Video] - 'Hear ye! Hear ye!': Ritual and 18th century language evoke history at Senate trial
  Just where is this secret House jail located?
  11 US service members treated for blast injuries in Iran missile attack, military confirms
  Iran's supreme leader calls Trump a clown, praises missile attack in rare appearance
  The Truth About Van Halen And Those Brown M&Ms
  Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign Tour Rider
  Hotels are banning tiny plastic toiletries. Environmental experts think they can do more.
  Trump adds Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz to impeachment defense team
  [Audio] - Alan Dershowitz Distances Himself From Trump Legal Team: 'I'm Not a Full-Fledged Member'
  [Photo] - Picture of Pam Bondi and Lev Parnas emerges after she joins Trump impeachment defense
  [Photos] - Furious Donald Trump DENIES knowing Lev Parnas 14 times - but Rudy Giuliani's indicted sidekick reveals MORE photos of them together
  [Photo] - U.S. Senate Members Given Flashcards To Aid in Avoiding Press During Impeachment Trial
  Joe Biden Gets Unnerved by His Own Phone in NYT Interview: 'What the Hell is That?' Update: Not Biden's Phone
  [Video] - Watch Trump Call His New Impeachment Defense Lawyer Ken Starr a 'Lunatic' and 'Terrible' in 1999
  CDC to screen at three US airports for signs of new virus from China
  Islamic State's 'very own Jabba the Hutt' captured in Mosul
  TV Ratings: 'Rachel Maddow Show' Hits All-Time High With Lev Parnas Interview
  Another Lev Parnas document dump expected tonight
  A look back on Betty White's career as the TV legend turns 98
  Three more suspected neo-Nazis arrested before Virginia gun rights rally, authorities say
Thursday, January 16, 2020
  [Video] - The Trial of the President of the United States: Watch John Roberts Get Sworn in
  [Video] - Senators Take Impeachment Trial Oath From Chief Justice John Roberts
  Key things we learned from Lev Parnas' MSNBC interview
  [Video] - Trump tells CNN's Jim Acosta to be quiet
  [Video] - GOP Senator calls CNN reporter 'liberal hack'
  Martha McSally fundraises off 'liberal hack' remark to CNN reporter
  [Video] - Lev Parnas: Ukraine scheme was always about the Bidens, 'never about corruption'
  [Video] - Lev Parnas: 'President Trump knew exactly what was going on.'
  [Video] - Lev Parnas: Trump is lying. He knows me
  Senator Martha McSally Gets Pilloried for 'Unprofessional' Treatment of Manu Raju: 'You Should Apologize'
  Trump Allegedly Admitted to Scaramucci 'I'm a Total Act and I Don't Understand Why People Don't Get It'
  [Photos] - EXCLUSIVE: Jeffrey Epstein had burst capillaries in his eyeballs after he died suggests he was STRANGLED and did not hang himself
  [Video] - Disturbing evidence in Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy points to his murder: pathologist
  [Video] - 'You Called Me a Liar on National TV': New Audio of Bernie-Warren Confrontation Reveals Bitter Exchange
  Popular Subreddit Bans CNN After Anti-Bernie Sanders Stunt
  Female 007 ruled out by James Bond producer
  GAO says Trump administration broke law by withholding Ukraine aid
  Ukraine Investigates Trump Allies Amid Reports of Surveillance of Marie Yovanovitch
Wednesday, January 15, 2020
  [Video] - Warren: Only the women on this stage have won every election they've been in
  House votes to send impeachment articles to Senate
  A step-by-step guide to what happens when the House sends the impeachment articles to the Senate
  READ: Documents from Giuliani associate Lev Parnas released by House impeachment investigators
  Collins questions delay on Lev Parnas documents
  Menendez calls for 'immediate briefing' on Parnas-Yovanovitch documents
  Here's what China agreed to buy from the US in the phase one trade deal
  [Video] - 'Kill shot that took them out': Video reportedly shows 2nd Iranian missile hitting passenger jet
  [Video] - Iran plane downing: Person who filmed video 'arrested'
  The latest on President Trump's impeachment
  [Video] - WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Signs Trump Impeachment Articles, Delivers Them to The Senate
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