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Friday, August 01, 2014
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Friday, August 1, 2014
  [Video] - Flashback: Bowling For Dollars
  Donald Trump: Keep out Ebola victims
  The 5 Most Terrifying Things We Learned About Ebola From 'The Hot Zone'
  An Ebola patient is leaving Africa for treatment at an Atlanta hospital
  The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (TV Movie 1976) - IMDb
  [Video] - Joe Biden's secret love: Skinny-dipping, Secret Service agents say
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  Emails: Former IRS Official Lois Lerner Called Republicans 'Crazies' and '-holes'
  IRS Totes Guns, But Doesn't Use Helicopters--Yet
  Israeli Soldier Lt. Hadar Goldin Feared Kidnapped By Hamas In Gaza: Report
  [Video] - Insane Video Captures Rocket Fire Interrupting Live Gaza Report
  Gaza Cease-Fire Collapses; Israeli Soldier Is Captured
  72-Hour Ceasefire Collapses Following Continued Rocket Fire
  Kerry says reported kidnapping of Israeli soldier 'outrageous' violation of Gaza cease-fire
  Former CIA Officer Battles 'Dummy,' 'Clown' Geraldo over New Clinton bin Laden Tapes
  [Video] - Gaza cease-fire unravels; Israeli soldier captured
  U.S. calls Hamas attack 'barbaric' violation of Gaza ceasefire: CNN
  [Video] - Gershon Baskin with CNN's Wolf Blitzer: Hamas Detonates Suicide Bomb, Kidnaps IDF Soldier Just 90 Mins Into Ceasefire
  [Video] - Alan Dershowitz: Fiery debate over Israel, Hamas comments
  Facebook down in second major outage in two months
  People Apparently Called the Police Because Facebook Went Down
  Illinois Man Allegedly Put Sewing Needles in Packaged Meat
  Defense Panel: Obama Administration Defense Strategy 'Dangerously' Underfunded
  Army to Force out 550 Majors; Some in Afghanistan
  [Video] - 'Monumental Liar': Ex-CIA Officer Disputes New Clinton Audio on Bin Laden
  [Video] - Dick Morris 'Wouldn't Be Surprised' if Obama Resigned
Thursday, July 31, 2014
  [Audio] - Palestinian caller gives a fresh perspective on Hamas, Gaza
  The Man Who Haunts Israel
  The corruption at the head of Hamas
  The 12 Worst Shows on Cable News, Part One
  The 12 Worst Shows on Cable News, Part Two
  Ebola virus disease, From Wikipedia
  [Video] - Could the Ebola outbreak come to the United States?
  Only Enough for One: Experimental Ebola Serum Used on U.S. Patient
  'I would sit next to Ebola sufferer on Tube', says scientist who discovered deadly virus
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  Billy Reid for Men
  Why You Remember (Or Forget) Your Dreams
  Stocks hit; first monthly drop in six for Dow, S&P 500
  House Republicans abandon their own border bill
  House GOP leaders spike border bill rather than see it defeated
  Boehner Tries to Resuscitate Dying Border Bill
  House GOP delays recess
  House Postpones Recess After GOP Revolt Nixes Border Vote
  Kim Kardashian's game makes $700,000 a day
  Ukraine Official: Rebels Placed Land Mines on Roads to MH17 Crash Site
  Airline passengers kick up a stink on Delta flight from Beijing to Detroit after Chinese family let toddler poop on his seat
  World powers must hold Israel accountable: U.N. rights boss
  [Video] - Retired Israeli General: We Do More to Protect Civilians than the US Did in Fallujah or WWII
  [Video] - Chuck Todd Ignores Israeli Ambassador's Request To Correct False Story
  US and UN: Israel, Hamas Agree to Unconditional, 72-Hour Humanitarian Cease-Fire to Begin Fri.
  [Video] - Israeli ambassador defends Gaza strikes: 'What do you think the United States would do?'
  Belgian doctor refuses to treat Jewish woman, citing Gaza conflict
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