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  • Welcome To The All New SchnittShow.com
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016
  Joe Scarborough: Michelle Obama's DNC Speech 'Reminded Me of Ronald Reagan'
  Obama To DNC: 'Big Men With Guns' Took Our Daughters To School
  How the media covered Michelle Obama's 'house that was built by slaves' line
  Michelle Obama Delivers DNC Speech, Gets Rave Reviews From the Media
  [Video] - No Slushies? We'll Just Trash The Joint!
  Terry McAuliffe, a Former DNC Head, Outraged by Email Leak
  All About the Speechwriter Behind Michelle Obama's Rousing DNC Address
  [Video] - Michelle Obama Takes A Shot At "Make America Great Again"
  Fans call Paul Simon's DNC performance troubling
  TV Psychic Miss Cleo Dead At 53
  [Video] - Deadly church attack in France carried out in name of ISIS
  Nun Managed To Escape As Muslims Beheaded Priest Inside Church
  ISIS claims responsibility for beheading of French priest
  Attackers Filmed Sermon of Sorts Before Beheading Elderly Priest
  Air Conditioners, Refrigerators as Big a Threat as ISIS, John Kerry Says
  Pope Francis Comments on Beheading of French Priest
  WOR's Alice Stockton Rossini Talks About The DNC Getting Tricky With Buses, Protests, & More
  DNC Fart-In Still On for Clinton Come Thursday
  Normandy ISIS Attack Suspect Identified By French Prosecutor
  Democrats to make it official by holding roll call vote, nominating Hillary Clinton
  [Video] - Mothers of the Movement to Speak Out at Democratic National Convention
  White Sox suspend top pitcher Chris Sale for shredding uniforms
  Keep Your Mouth Closed: Aquatic Olympians Face a Toxic Stew in Rio
Monday, July 25, 2016
  [Video] - FEEL THE BOOS: Wasserman Schultz Gets Drowned at Convention Opening
  Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Resign D.N.C. Post
  Obama Wanted to Fire DWS Back in August
  Hillary Clinton Hires Debbie Wasserman Schultz Following DNC Disgrace
  [Video] - Sanders Supporters Refuse to Support Clinton Following DNC Leaks
  Schnitt Thoughts on DNC Leaks For Sanders
  Stephanie Rawlings-Blake will gavel in Democratic National Convention
  How The DNC Wanted To Use Sanders' Jewish Roots Against Him
  Anti-Hillary Marches Approaching DNC in Philly
  WOR's Alice Stockton Rossini on the Ground in Philly for the DNC
  Sanders delegates exploring challenge of Kaine selection
  [Video] - Flashback: Hank Johnson Feared Guam Would Capsize From Troop Weight
  Hank Johnson likens Jewish settlements in West Bank to 'termites'
  Thousands Hit Philadelphia's Steamy Streets to Protest DNC
  'Democracy Spring' plans mass sit-in, arrests at DNC
  DNC protests in Philadelphia dwarf those outside RNC in Cleveland
  DNC Offers 'Deep And Sincere Apology' To Sanders Over Email Scandal
  Celebs head to DNC, some to back Clinton, others to protest
  The 4 Most Damaging Emails From the DNC WikiLeaks Dump
  Bernie Sanders started a political revolution. Now he can't stop it.
  Obama's brother plans to vote for Trump
  Kerry: Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS
Friday, July 22, 2016
  'We don't want them' Trump vows to ban immigrants from terror-affected countries
  Gunmen launch deadly attack on Munich shopping mall, still on the run
  [Video] - Germans Told to Shelter In Place Following Deadly Attack
  Afghan Attacked Germans on Train Earlier This Week
  Muslims Claim Nice Attacker Wasn't One of Them
  Trump's Speech Is Reportedly Being Run Through Plagiarism Software Just to Be Safe
  [Video] - Nicolle Wallace: The Republican Party 'Died in This Room Tonight'
  DoJ Says 3 Arrested in Palm Beach, FL ISIS Plot
  DoJ Press Release on Three Palm Beach Men Supporting ISIS
  Manhunt Underway in Munich as Gunmen Still on the Loose
  Wikileaks Leaks 30,000 Hillary Clinton Emails
  Donald Trump plays 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' after RNC speech
  This Is What Humans Would Have To Look Like To Survive a Car Crash
  Top DNC Official Wanted to Use Bernie Sanders's Religious Beliefs Against Him
  DNC Approved Fake Trump Ads For 'Hot Women' Comfortable With 'Gropes Under The Meeting Table'
  North Miami Cop Suspended for Giving "Conflicting" Statements in Charles Kinsey Shooting
  Bullet that struck caregiver was meant to protect him, police union prez says
  2016 Democratic National Convention preview: what you need to know
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